Corporate Packages are currently unavailable at our Trafford Centre location. This does not mean we can’t accommodate your group booking however… Please see the events page.

If it is an amazing corporate experience you are looking for, why not try our other location? Just a short drive away in Atherton and Wigan, the below packages are available for up to 36 people.

Are you getting the best out of your team?

Are you determined that your team will be the BEST?

If you’re looking to unlock your team’s potential through a challenging and immersive experience, then why not consider working alongside us here at Adrenaline Escape. As part of our team building packages, you can put your team through its paces in a fun, unique and challenging environment.

At Adrenaline Escape - home to Wigan’s first escape rooms - we can offer you a highly competitive corporate package, designed to focus on your team’s interpersonal, communication and collaborative skills through a range of problem-based tasks. These are all traits which lend themselves to successfully taking on an escape room!

Whether you’re an experienced leader or a new team member, we can provide you with a very different experience, specifically aimed at…

Our corporate packages are fully inclusive, open to all ages and can be tailored to meet your specific needs to ensure that you and your team have a truly memorable experience!